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Scott Sundahl

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My Work

I am a software developer, software architect, and leader/manager of development teams. I specialize in fast, intuitive single-page apps and have been making extensive use of Javascript and AJAX for more than 7 years. I design and implement web applictions at all tiers.

I've been writing single page web apps using Javascript and AJAX for 7 years.
I've been designing and creating large scale applications using AngularJS for more than two years.
Twitter BootstrapTwitter Bootstrap
I've been using Twitter Bootstrap for styling and responsive layouts for two years.
I used jQuery to create dynamic web applications before AngularJS. I've been using jQuery extensively since 2009.
C#/.NetC# and .Net
I've been writing server code and web services using C# for more than 7 years.

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Where to Find Me

I currently live in Beaufort, South Carolina. I am employed full time for a company in Carlsbad, California. And I will be moving to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2015.


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